HJ Berry Stone Company

H.J. Berry Stone Company is closed permanently.  Thank you for your patronage all these years.  It has been our pleasure to contribute to your work creating durable special places.  Thank you all for the great turnout at the auction. We hope everyone got what they needed to finish their stone projects. If you are still in need of stone in the greater Cooperstown area, please contact North Landing, LLC at 3371 Route 28, Milford, NY (607) 343-5499 and he will help you source what you need. Tell him “The Berry Girls” sent you!

You may direct inquiries to Dawn Berry Bruns at dawnbbruns@gmail.com or call/text (808) 927-4602.  Thank you for being our valued customers.

Address: 967 State Highway 166, Cooperstown, NY 13326, Across from the Cooperstown-Westville Airport.

Thank you for visiting our website.  During it’s 1980-2019 operation, H.J. Berry Stone Company stocked locally sourced bluestone: fieldstone and flagstone in addition to topsoil, stone dust, mulch stone, slate, and granite cobblestones.  Berry Stone would cut stone to your specifications.  They carried one- to four-inch thick fieldstone and flagstone for pavers, stairways, walls, and buildings in addition to thick threshold and mantle stones.  Loose stone was available in pallets for walls, veneers, and pathways.

Their custom-made stone trees are pretty durable – they don’t need watering or trimming (actually, we can give you a written guarantee on that).  In addition to the trees, they crafted tables, benches, trucks, birdbaths, hitching posts, home plates and other stone items.

Please note that in 2014, it become necessary for Berry Stone to reduce their warranty to 500 years (original receipt required) and, the way the weather’s been going, may soon have to knock off another ten years as a safeguard.

20140615_171401 20140615_171944 Example Stone Wall Trees that do not require any water or pruning Trucks 20140615_171620 Bench Example Bird Baths Cobblestones Home Plate Hitching Posts Hearts Raw Stock for Custom Cutting Thresholds Mantles Tables Veneer Example 1 Veneer Example 2 Veneer Example 3 Veneer Example 4 Example Walkway 2 Example Walkway